One of the positive aspects of the transition to the SAFe® model for enterprise Agile development is a designated Innovation and Planning (I & P) Sprint.  In the few builds that the SAFe has been in place for Team ADEV, the I & P Sprint is gathering steam.

At the end of a recent I & P sprint, over 20 developers and testers on Team ADEV presented 1) new approaches to tasks or processes, 2) custom tools they created to save time and effort, and 3) using off-the-shelf tools they have discovered that other team members might find useful.

After a brief introduction by Eric DePew (ADEV Test Director) and Jeff Jasper (ADEV Technical Lead), the following presenters discussed these topics:

  • Existing Tech Block
    • MEIS Mission Finder – Charles Missi
    • Python MTL Backend Tool – Zach Killebrew
    • JBoss Starter – Python Signal Handler and File Descriptors – John Brandenburg
    • Debugging Services – Victor Cardona
    • ArcGIS Server and Local Deployment – Malcolm Gruber
  • Testing Block
    • Trigger Build – Eric DePew
    • ProScripts to Analyze Protractor Results – Ken Haggerty
    • Testing Gaps – Zach Carril
  • Team Tools Block
    • Test Performance Metric Tool – Zach Killebrew
    • Project Tree Viewer – Nick Simmons
    • Plan Builder – Nick Simmons
    • RT Manager – Nick Simmons
    • PR Template – Nick Simmons
    • Requirements Management Tool Concepts – Brian Hagerty and Anthony Mense
  • New Technologies Block
    • Spring Introduction – Patrick Northcutt
    • React Introduction – Adam Weatherford
    • VSCode Tutorial – Khris Boter
    • React Component Boundaries – Patrick Northcutt
    • Unit Testing React: Enzyme and Jest – Nathan Bougeno
    • E2E Testing React: io – Nathan Bougeno & Mitch Dzurisin
  • Topics
    • Beard Management and Old Man Candy Time – Devon McConnell

Below are images of some of the presenters:



Don Reed is a Senior Technical Writer and Project Support Specialist with the ADEV program. His background includes engineering and programing, project management, quality management and process improvement, and business-technical communication. Don has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.A. in Communication from Saint Louis University.