SuprTEK places a high emphasis on employee welfare and retention. One of the greatest proponents of employee retention is the perceived self-worth of the employee, the awareness of contributions they make to an organization, and training opportunities that lead to personal and professional advancement. SuprTEK encourages training that will enhance an employee’s professional skills, even though the training may not relate specifically to an employee’s present position. SuprTEK regularly sends employees through Microsoft and CompTIA training classes that lead to DOD 8570.01-M certification compliance, HDI training to achieve Help Desk certification, and PMP training for Program Management Professional certifications. We offer all employees the 2,000 item RedVector IT training video library to enhance their understanding of all major IT disciplines. As a standard corporate practice we cross-train all employees when project tasks allow, and may even have a standard primary/alternate job assignment schedule, in which employees in one job category receive on-the-job training in at least one other position. This cross-training not only expands the staff’s abilities, but provides a qualified back-up for every position, increasing overall team performance. Retaining motivated employees is critical to the success of any company and contract. Employees engaged in their work, satisfied with their environment, and focused on personal development prevent cost and productivity losses associated with employee-initiated attrition. As a testament to SuprTEK’s success in employee satisfaction achieved through career development, our corporate retention rate has averaged between 94% and 95% since 2007.


  • 2,000 Item RedVector IT Video Library for Employees
  • Targeted Company-Funded DoD 8570.01-M; HID; and PMP Certification Training
  • Satisfied Employees Result in 94+ % Company Retention Rate