Service Center Services

SuprTEK’s Service Center are similar to what the industry calls “Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).” The BPO is an IT-enabled service offering where non-core business functions are outsourced to achieve Mission Effectiveness while driving the overall transaction base operational cost. Although BPO covers broad business functional areas including CRM (Call Center, Marketing, and Sales), HR, Finance & Accounting, Record Management, Transaction Processing, and Logistics, SuprTEK primarily focuses on Service and Contract Center Services for federal, state, and local government customers.

An example of SuprTEK’s success in service center services is our fully functional contact center in East Machias, Maine supporting US Navy operations. These successes were recorded in the 110th Congressional Record where the US Senate recognized SuprTEK as an outstanding small business in 2007 providing IT Services, engineering and call center services. SuprTEK established The Human Resources Benefits Call Center (HRBCC) as a 3-year pilot program in 2001 providing timely and accurate information about health insurance, life insurance, and thrift savings plans options to the Navy’s civilian employees. The project proved so successful that during the second year of the test period, the Navy expanded the requirements from servicing 40,000 Navy Civilian employees within one region, to the full 186,000 seven-region, worldwide civilian workforce.

In meeting these new challenges, SuprTEK demonstrated its commitment and confidence in “Expert Call Center” Services by designing and erecting a 7,000 sq. ft. call center facility to house the permanent HRBCC and sized to facilitate future growth. Led by a team of benefits and program management specialists, our entire staff has been trained and certified by the Navy in both general and subject-matter client servicing Human Resources (HR) areas.

More than 7,000 calls are received with the centralized HRBCC operations center monthly and distributed through Voice Over IP (VOIP) via an Automate Call Distribution (ACD) system. During the Open Season, we have processed as many as 800 calls per day. Navy customers receive immediate assistance from our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), often within 3 – 5 seconds and computer assisted relational databases are quickly accessed and customer information retrieved automatically.

  • Our staff can service any technical assistance, information, or order taking need your business requires.
  • We prepare our staff to represent you seamlessly to your customers.
  • We successfully met and exceeded the Navy’s standard by maintaining a 95% accuracy rate during the first year of operation and have since increased accuracy to over 98%. We can do that for you!
  • We retain our staff by offering a quality work environment, above average pay, benefits and incentives, and job satisfaction. That means consistency and reliability in our service.
  • Low-cost, on-shore call center service is a reality!


  • Congressionally recognized for excellence in service center capabilities
  • Certified help desk personnel with expertise to provide support at multiple levels – Tier 1/2/3
  • Proven ability to meet stringent SLAs for call response times
  • Serving over 300,000 users world wide