SuprTEK has codified our Company’s ten core values. Core values are the qualities that we consider not just worthwhile, but ones that represent our organization’s highest priorities, most deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces. Core values define what our organization believes and how we want our company resonating with and appealing to both employees and the external world. Core values may be called our guiding principles because they form a solid core of who we are, what we believe, and who we want to be going forward. SuprTEK’s ten core values follow:

Accountability We will be accountable to provide the best service, best solution, and the best resources. We expect the same level of accountability from our clients/customers and suppliers. People will make mistakes with the client/customer and within the organization, but it is how we handle these mistakes that will set us apart.

Customer Focus We will maintain a customer-centric focus that strives to help our clients/customers meet their mission goals. We believe that “once a SuprTEK customer … always a SuprTEK customer.”

Diversity We will maintain a climate of diversity, valuing each person for their unique skills, experiences and perspectives.

Excellence We will provide and deliver the highest quality services and products.

Innovation We will develop creative solutions and put them into action. We are alert to change and meet those challenges so we may provide excellent solutions to our clients/customers. We continuously develop and deepen our knowledge of our business and of our employees’ skills.

Integrity We will refuse to compromise on matters of principle. Ethical and professional practices are the foundation of our company. We say what we mean, take responsibility for our actions, and are trustworthy.

Leadership We will have a vision that motivates and inspires others, helping our clients/customers to succeed, and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

Respect We will respect the attitudes that make each individual unique. Each person is valued for the diversity of his or her skills, experiences and perspectives. We look for the best in everyone and expect to find it.

Teamwork We will tap into the talent pool that exists within our company and recognize the value that each person brings to SuprTEK. We will share resources, opportunities and experiences. We will respect and celebrate diverse points of view, cultures and communities.

Trust We will trust and believe in each other – both workers and leadership – to do the right thing, allowing decisions to be made quickly and promoting a healthy company culture.