SuprTEK is committed to offering performance-based information technology (IT) life cycle support services with high-quality and best-value support that are fully responsive to our clients’ needs today and in the future.

Quality Policy

We enable our clients to access, validate, secure and use information by providing technologically advanced solutions. The SuprTEK team continually improves its performance for the benefit of all clients, projects and employees

  • Leaders foster an open work environment that encourages teamwork where we help each to establish requirements.
  • We develop our system and its processes to fulfill the requirements.
  • We use the system to plan our projects so they build client loyalty.
  • We execute and improve corporate and contractual plans as necessary to fulfill objectives.
  • We measure, evaluate and remove the vital few causes of variation within our system, its processes and our plans.
  • We innovate and communicate to share the improvements in consistency and effectiveness.

Individuals contribute to our success by using and improving the SuprTEK Management System (SMS) and providing timely feedback.

Quality Objectives

  • Senior leaders will address quality issues as part of every PMR/IPR.
  • Support system processes meeting their objectives: For each Manager to maintain at least one active process improvement at all times (see PR-EX-02).
  • Evidence of planning priorities for the critical processes: For each Project Manager to maintain at least one active process improvement project at all times (see PR-EX-02).
  • Fulfill the project and business objectives (client focus).
  • Project and/or support processes fulfilling the measurement criteria.
  • Sharing lessons learned between projects and functions for integrated SMS improvements.

The SMS Management Representative measures and reports our accomplishment of these objectives in time for corporate and project managers to initiate effective preventive action.


  • Industry Best-Practices
  • Continuously monitor client results
  • Focus on collaboration
  • Adhering to the highest ethical standards
  • Driven by our passion for quality, respect, and integrity