The Dynamic Mission Re-Planning (DMR) suite of applications in development by SuprTEK’s Team ADEV since January 2015 are installed on the operational enclave servers.  Having passed all testing, security, and readiness reviews, they are in daily use by the Air Mobility Command (AMC) mission command and control staff.   The ADEV Team is now in its final development build as the applications reach Full Deployment status and transition into a sustainment program.

With DMR operationally deployed, now when circumstances call for the command and control operators to find resources, quickly see mission schedules and status, and determine the impact of mission changes by directly comparing alternate “what if” scenarios, they can do so instantly with a user-friendly graphic display with real time information – instead of consulting logs, finding items in textual databases, and/or making hand calculations.

Agile in the Defense Sector

Team ADEV is at the forefront of implementing Agile in this sector.  Key tenants of the Agile methodology include frequent releases of increased functionality and welcoming constantly changing requirements.  During the 3 years of the contract, ADEV has delivered almost 30 DMR releases; all on time, all implementing the customer directed functionality, and all passing stringent external testing.

The patience of the ADEV team, who have put in significant effort into functioning software, and the Command and Control users, who have been anxiously awaiting these applications after seeing demos and taking part in user feedback sessions, have finally paid off.  The DMR applications are installed and in use.

Positive User Feedback

User feedback from the AMC command and control staff employing the DMR suite of applications is very positive.  This is result of the hard work of the ADEV developers, but also the extensive cooperation between ADEV’s business analysts and customer representatives who operate on-site at the SuprTEK facility working directly with Agile development teams on a day in/day out basis: refining requirements and criteria, reviewing mockups, and providing feedback on code in process.  Under the Agile methodology, changing requirements are not a problem; it is encouraged to fulfill the ultimate goal of functional software that meets or exceeds user expectations.

Congratulations to the ADEV team on this important milestone of having their software make a substantive difference to the warfighter.   Now AMC command and control personnel can make fast, informed decisions using real time situational awareness data about missions and resources.


Don Reed is a Senior Technical Writer and Project Support Specialist with the ADEV program. His background includes engineering and programing, project management, quality management and process improvement, and business-technical communication. Don has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.A. in Communication from Saint Louis University.