Everyone knows the best relationships are mutually beneficial.  That was certainly the case with the interns who became part of ADEV’s development teams over the summer.  The interns benefited by learning about coding for “real world” enterprise level web application projects in state-of-the-art environments, about Agile development, and about being a part of development sprints. Our AMC ADEV team benefited by bringing in fresh and diverse perspectives, great coders, and extra help to make our Agile teams more productive.

As of the end of August, the interns returned to their perspective institutions of higher learning, but before they left we asked them about their summer experience working on SuprTEK’s ADEV program.  Here is what they had to say:shannon4cpatrick4c brandon4c jarrett4c

Best of luck in your educational and career pursuits!  We hope to see you back at SuprTEK’s ADEV program in coming summers and perhaps, eventually, as full time software engineers.


Don Reed is a Senior Technical Writer with the ADEV program.  His background includes engineering and programing, project management, quality and business improvement, and business-technical communication.