Professional achievement and innovation are two important components of improvement that Team ADEV and the Solutions Engineering and Delivery (SE&D) business unit always encourage and reward.  Team ADEV recently recognized five team members for their key achievements.

Three SuprTEK Employees Gain AWS Certification

Team ADEV has played an integral role in the desire of its customer to transition application development to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Considering that security is a major concern for DoD customers, the shift to cloud-based development has had a number of obstacles to overcome.  In addition to development in the cloud, the eventual goal is to base the production environment for the application in the cloud as well.

To aid in this transition to the cloud, three SuprTEK members of Team ADEV recently achieved AWS certifications.  Wes Dumond, ADEV Solutions Architect, gained the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification, while Huan Truong, DevSecOps Lead/Application Integration Scrum Master, and Zach Lambert, Application Integration Developer, gained the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certifications.  Earning these challenging certifications required hours of on-line course work and study as well as passing difficult certification exams.

These certifications aid in providing the knowledge base needed for ADEV’s role in successfully shifting development efforts into the cloud, as well as moving delivery into a cloud-based continuous integration pipeline.

Wes, Huan, and Zach all received SuprTEK Director’s Awards from SE&D Director of Operations Dan Shaffer for this outstanding achievement. 


Cruz Garduno and Jimmy Menk Recognized for I&P Presentations

As part of Team ADEV’s Scaled Agile for Enterprise (SAFe®) implementation, a one-week Innovation and Planning (I&P) Sprint occurs after the last sprint of a release build and prior to first sprint of the next release build.  At the end of the I&P Sprint, team members present their time-saving or quality-improving innovation project, research into new approaches or technologies, process improvement recommendation, experiment using a new or different tool, etc.  Outstanding presenters for each I&P are typically recognized.

After the recent I&P, Cruz Garduno, Business Analyst, was recognized for his presentation on data management and the importance of regularly cleaning up data no longer needed for development.  Cruz highlighted how excess data tends to build up within a key data repository, which can slow loading times for back-end development.  This presentation was a wake-up call for developers, and data management has improved as a result of Cruz’s presentation.

Jimmy Menk, a developer for the Shared Services team, was recognized for presenting an overview of the existing Global Mission Scheduling (GMS) algorithm, providing team members with an outline for a major piece of functionality the team will be developing in the near future.  Jimmy’s presentation described the technical inner workings of GMS to educate the team on how to design similar applications.

Congratulations to Wes, Huan, Zach, Cruz, and Jimmy their accomplishments, and thank you for your important contribution to the success of the warfighter!


Written by Nathan Reames, a Junior Technical Writer with the ADEV program.