Two software developers, Justin Stone and Jarrett Munton, were recently given Tesla Innovation Awards for their important contributions to the ADEV program.

The ADEV program leaders created the award to recognize team members who employed innovation and technology to solve key issues or advance program goals.  The award is named for Nikola Tesla, an inventor who is credited with creating or advancing many of the technologies that make modern life possible, including Alternating Current electricity.jarrettmuntontesla_cc

Jarrett received the Tesla Innovation Award for taking the lead in creating the Version-Safe Hazelcast Data Storage (HazelStash) tool.  HazelStash allows the data stored in Hazelcast to be software version independent.  Previously, data in Hazelcast was connected to specific software versions and was unusable by older or newer versions.  Hazelcast data had to be recreated whenever software versions changed.  Now Hazelcast data can be used by any software version.  HazelStash is a significant time saver for developers and the ADEV Team.

Justin received the Tesla Innovation Award for developing the Protractor to VersionOne Test Updater (P2V1) tool.  P2V1 automatically updates VersionOne using the results from automated Protractor tests.  This provides better visibility into development and testing during each Sprint, and it reduces the manual entry of test results byjustinstonetesla_cc testers and developers so they can focus on more productive tasks.

Both of the tools are perfect examples of the innovation and creativity needed to deliver the highly secure, leading-edge technology web applications that SuprTEK is creating – always releasing on schedule and exceeding customer expectations.

Recipients of the Tesla Innovation Award receive a framed certificate, a Nicola Tesla bobblehead, and a gift card.  Congratulations to Jarrett and Justin!


Don Reed is a Senior Technical Writer and Project Support Specialist with the ADEV program.  His background includes engineering and programing, project management, quality and business improvement, and business-technical communication.  Don has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.A. in Communication from Saint Louis University.