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May 15, 2015. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is very pleased to announce that it was awarded the new Software Development Support Services (SDSS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at Fort Meade. The highly competitive procurement is for a critical BPA at the newly reorganized DISA. This BPA—similar to SuprTEK’s DISA ESS BPA —has a period of performance of 4 years, and has a contract ceiling of $80M. Through this BPA, the DISA Infrastructure Development Directorate (IDD) under SES leader, Jack Wilmer, will acquire software design and development services to support its eight divisions (ID1-ID8). The mission of these divisions is fundamentally to help Defend the GIG, Improve Cyber C2, and Share Information Safely.

With this new SDSS vehicle, SuprTEK and its high performance cybersecurity and Agile software development teams will continue to provide quality support for this important DoD client. On the DISA MANO program for five years, SuprTEK has been effectively supporting DISA PEO-MA in its mission to provide technical and programmatic leadership for Computer Network Defense (CND) enclave-level host and network security solutions; and enhance the security of the DoD Global Information Grid (GIG) enclaves through the acquisition, engineering, architecture, development, federated testing, fielding, and transition to sustainment of both host and network security products and solutions.

SuprTEK and its carefully chosen BPA team-mates—key software industry partners—will be supporting all eight divisions within the IDD in the following areas: Software Design, Software Development, Tier III Support and SME Support. This SDSS BPA win complements SuprTEK’s recent ADEV (Agile Development) win at Scott Air Force Base whereby SuprTEK is supporting the USAF Air mobility Command HQ with Agile Development deploying nine high-performance Agile teams.

Apr. 10, 2015. SuprTEK will participate again in the upcoming AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Baltimore, MD. Please join our cybersecurity team and innovators from the SuprTEK Advanced Technology Group (ATG), along with the SuprTEK leadership team, for conversations about our current cybersecurity delivery initiatives and R&D efforts going on in the SuprTEK Technology Innovation Center (STIC). Our team will also be available to discuss numerous DISA, USCYBERCOM and broad DoD cyberspace opportunities, and potential partnerships in the market (ENCORE III, JIE/JRSS, Big Data, RMF, etc).

Please visit us at Booth #3006 on the AFCEA conference floor. We will be demonstrating our secure mobility (RTLS integrated with MDM) capabilities, PanOptes®—our advanced Continuous Monitoring product, and ARES-CA—our ACAS-RDK Exploratory System for Cyber Analytics.

Feb. 19, 2015. SuprTEK’s Naval Hospital Jacksonville (NHJAX) Clinical Portal and Stitch-in-Time system has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 Federal Health (FHIT) Innovation Award in the Interoperability Category! The Clinical Portal system is a web-based solution designed to provide health care providers a central location for patient-specific, clinical, and generic medical information. At NHJAX, this portal has become a critical component of health care providers’ ability to deliver quality care in a timely and informative manner. The Clinical Portal and Stitch-in-Time system was chosen from dozens of award applications for its innovative capabilities and its positive impact to the NHJAX community. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at the FHIT Innovation Event and Awards event in Washington, DC. Visit the FHIT Event website for more information.

Feb. 11, 2015. On Thursday, February 12, 2015, members of our Advanced Technology Group will be visiting the University of Maryland for a Lobby Day and Tech Talk event. Between 11:00am – 4:00pm, we will be in the CSIC lobby to meet with UMD students, answer questions about SuprTEK, and discuss our application process. At 5:00pm, Jay Ruhnke and Mitchell Matthews will present a Tech Talk titled “Thinking with a Clean Mind – Learn Why Writing Clean, Maintainable Code is Critical”. The presentation will focus on the benefits of creating quality code and the consequences of using poorly written code. To learn more about the event, click here: https://undergrad.cs.umd.edu

Feb. 05, 2015. SuprTEK is pleased to announce that our team supporting Naval Hospital Jacksonville (NHJAX), in Jacksonville, Florida, developed Navy Medicine’s first-ever, in-house-developed mobile app in 2014. The app was approved by Apple and has been available in the Apple app store since the end of December. This free app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and provides users with important contact, location, and provider data to help our nation’s heroes—sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen, coast guardsmen—heal themselves and their families. Our NHJAX team is currently working on an Android version of the app that is scheduled to be released soon through the Google app store. To learn more about the app, visit: NHJAX App Info Page

Jan. 29, 2015. Building on momentum in the Cyber Security Solutions LoB while leveraging its internal investment in the PanOptes® product and its deep knowledge of and significant development efforts in Continuous Monitoring and Risk Scoring, SuprTEK won another Call Order on its Engineering Support Services BPA at DISA Mission Assurance (MA) Directorate.

As part of this Call Order, called CMRS / eMASS User Interface Requirements for Data Cloud Analytics, SuprTEK’s Systems Engineers will perform complete requirements development and conduct eMASS functionality reviews for five eMASS-CMRS capabilities. SuprTEK’s engineers will perform user interviews and detailed analysis to determine how data exchanges will occur between these two critically-important DoD enterprise security systems—eMASS and CMRS. Fundamentally, SuprTEK will carefully document data flows and determine precisely how to make CMRS and eMASS interoperable. Included in this effort, SuprTEK will develop the Web Service software to allow the delivery of CMRS data to eMASS.

SuprTEK’s important work for DISA will be critical as the DoD transitions to the new Risk Management Framework (RMF) as Designated Approval Authorities (DAA) will need to make risk assessments on a continuous basis. The RMF replaces the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and manages the life-cycle cybersecurity risk to DoD IT.

Jan. 27, 2015. SuprTEK is proud to announce that Tieu Luu, Senior Director of the Advanced Technology Group, authored a feature article published in this month’s ISACA Journal. The article, titled “Implementing an Information Security Continuous Monitoring Solution,” is a case study that discusses the challenges of implementing and deploying solutions for information security continuous monitoring across large enterprises. Continuous Monitoring, and the government’s efforts to implement it across all the agencies, continue to be hot topics in the industry. Under the leadership and expertise of Mr. Luu, the Advanced Technology Group developed SuprTEK’s own continuous monitoring platform, PanOptes® ( www.panoptescyber.com), further establishing SuprTEK as a leader in the technology industry. View Mr. Luu’s author blog on The ISACA Website

Jan. 14, 2015. On Thursday, 15 January 2015, SuprTEK’s capability SMEs and Health Care (HC) IT market leaders will attend the important DHA Defense Health Information Technology Services (DHITS) Generation 1 Teaming Event organized by G2Xchange Health. DHITS Generation 1, a $20 billion IDIQ contract (follow on to D/SIDDOMS III), will support the integration of clinical and business processes across the Military Health System. SuprTEK is very excited about participating in DHITS and continuing to deliver for the MHS. We are seeking strong teaming partners and are positioning to win a seat at the DHITS IDIQ table.

As a HC IT leader and Gold Sponsor of the event, SuprTEK will provide an overview of our organization and present our qualifications to conference attendees—as well as define SuprTEK’s DHITS Value Proposition. With 200 participants expected, SuprTEK plans to network and connect with other major players in the Health IT industry.

SuprTEK is very pleased to report that we were recently named one of the Top 25 small businesses best positioned on DHA DHITS Gen 1. Click here: The G2Xchange article

Visit this link : for more information on the teaming event

Dec. 16, 2014. SuprTEK today announced the appointment of Jerry Picard as Vice President of Enterprise IT Solutions and of Healthcare IT Operations. Mr. Picard comes to SuprTEK from a recent Vice President and General Manager position at Dynamics Research Corporation following a long tenure at Unisys Corporation. He will be responsible for the strategic leadership and oversight of SuprTEK’s Enterprise IT service delivery operations. He has more than thirty-five years of senior management experience with major IDIQ contract acquisition and execution responsibilities in addition to managing DoD and Federal government information technology projects. Mr. Picard is a Computer Science graduate of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Oct. 22, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is pleased to announce the opening of a new business office located at 3190 Fairview Park Drive in Falls Church, VA. This new facility, SuprTEK’s third office location in the DC area, represents our continued growth and business expansion throughout the NoVA/DC metro area. The new SuprTEK Fairview Park (FVP) office, a 4600 square foot modern facility, features open areas and spacious offices to facilitate problem solving, innovation and team collaboration – it will initially house our cybersecurity team that supports the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and other clients in the DC area.

“We are very pleased to expand our presence in the region and expect to share more achievements as our cyber team continues to deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” stated Les Owens, Vice President of Cybersecurity. “We selected this FVP facility specifically to support our customers’ mission-critical objectives.”

The FVP office will house our high-performance cybersecurity delivery team – Information System Security Engineers and Continuous Monitoring Specialists – who will stabilize, enhance, and evolve the security posture of DHA and its numerous IT systems. Les Owens further commented, “This new business office was established principally to allow us to do great things for DHA. However, we see this new space also as one to assist us in developing relationships with others customers and business partners in the area.”

Founded in 1996, SuprTEK delivers comprehensive cybersecurity and Information Assurance capabilities as a key member of DoD community-wide working groups and performs investigative trends analysis to support Defense Components in identifying infrastructure-related threats, targets, and tools. With our ISO 9001:2008 certification, CMMI Level 2 appraisal, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, SuprTEK delivers both strategic and tactical customer-focused solutions to improve IT security posture, defend DoD networks, and strengthen our nation’s ability to withstand and respond to cyber attacks.

Oct. 01, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is pleased to announce that on September 24, 2014 it was awarded a multi- year Enterprise Agile Development (ADEV) Contract to develop, test, deliver, and field individual and distributed multi-user, work-centered, web-based applications in support of Air Mobility Command (AMC) at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

This contract will entail 6 to 12 agile software development teams ranging from 7-10 IT professionals per team. SuprTEK is presently staffing for data architect, Oracle DBA, SQL server DBA, developer, tester, business analyst, system administrator, information assurance, and technical writer positions.

The Air Mobility Command, activated on June 1, 1992, is a major command headquartered at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. AMC provides cargo and passenger delivery, air refueling and aeromedical evacuation in support of on-going operations around the world. The command also transports humanitarian supplies to hurricane, flood and earthquake victims both at home and around the globe. Air Mobility Command's mission is to provide global air mobility ... right effects, right place, right time.

Sept. 05, 2014. SuprTEK is a Gold Sponsor for the University of Maryland’s (UMD’s) “Build it Break it Fix it” event, a new security-oriented programming contest that aims to teach students to write more secure programs. SuprTEK’s software assurance engineers are participating as contest judges to evaluate participants' abilities to develop secure and efficient programs. The contest is broken up into three rounds that take place over consecutive weekends. Prizes are awarded to teams with the top builder and breaker scores. Competition details are available at: https://builditbreakit.org

Through our partnership with UMD’s Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2), we collaborate on activities to promote cybersecurity education, research and technology development. SuprTEK and UMD leverage each other's resources, expertise, and unique perspectives to develop innovative cybersecurity expertise, educational opportunities and technology solutions.

Sept. 04, 2014. Several members of SuprTEK’s Cybersecurity Solutions team attended the annual, US Army INSCOM-sponsored Ft. Meade Technology Expo at Club Meade on the US Army base in Central Maryland. SuprTEK's team met and interacted with numerous US Federal Government agencies and services including the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), 200th Military Police Command, USNA (Annapolis), USN, DODFRA, USCYBERCOM, ARCYBER, NORTHCOM, NATO, and USMC. SuprTEK's cyber team shared information about many of our existing and emerging innovative technologies and robust cybersecurity capabilities. Additionally, the team engaged in dialogue with existing and new clients on how SuprTEK can meet the Government’s emerging cybersecurity requirements. Some of the specific areas of discussion included our "code checking" software assurance capabilities and methodologies, our secure mobility capabilities (RTLS integrated with MDM), our micro-virtualization research and our advanced Continuous Monitoring & Risk Scoring product, PanOptes®. One item of particular interest among the many visitors to SuprTEK's booth was the "STIC" – the new, SuprTEK Technology Innovation Center in Ashburn, VA where SuprTEK's experts perform applied R&D, Agile development and rigorous 'Technology Evaluation' in a modern, 4500 square foot, state-of-the-art facility.

The purpose of the Ft Meade Technology Expo was to expose and demonstrate, to many tenants of Fort Meade, various technologies including Digital Investigation Solutions, Media Integration, Multi-Screen Displays, Cyber Security, Forensic Solutions, Certification Programs, and Networking Solutions. SuprTEK was very pleased to be a part of the event. For more information: http://www.FederalEvents.com.

Aug. 10, 2014. SuprTEK – as part of a Joint Venture with Doyen Consulting – known as Doyen Technologies – is very pleased to announce that it has been awarded a cybersecurity support contract at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) in Falls Church, Virginia.

For this contract, Doyen Technologies will deploy a high-performance cyber team to provide cybersecurity support for DHA’s DHSS (Defense Health Services System) Division’s applications and products across all DHSS projects and activities to comply with DoDI 8510.01 and all associated DHSS policies, processes, and procedures that require cybersecurity actions to support deployment and sustained operations.

As part of Doyen Technologies’ efforts to evolve and enhance the security posture of DHA, Doyen Technologies cybersecurity SMEs will be involved in four major thrusts at DHA: 1) rapid C&A execution; 2) Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) Support, IA, and DoD CMRS (Continuous Monitoring and Risk Scoring) support. Building on SuprTEK’s deep CMRS expertise at DISA and other DoD agencies.

Doyen Technologies will perform rigorous Security Assessments of DoD IT systems to include assessing and verifying information systems including trusted systems; identifying and assessing security requirements and deficiencies in applications, systems, and local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs). Doyen will conduct C&A using DIACAP (and the new NIST RMF) to achieve uniform quality, and a level of consistency throughout the life cycle of DoD AISs. Doyen Technologies will conduct detailed reviews and provide recommendations for resolution of inconsistencies within existing DOD C&A policies and procedures.

This contract award is another significant win for SuprTEK out of SuprTEK’s growing Cyber Security Solutions Practice headquartered in Ashburn, VA.

About DHA: In October 2013, the Secretary of Defense established the Defense Health Agency (DHA). DHA is responsible for driving greater integration of clinical and business processes across the Military Health System (MHS), implementing shared services with common measurement of outcomes, enabling rapid adoption of proven practices, helping reduce unwanted variation, and improving the coordination of care across time and treatment venues.

Fundamentally, the Agency is tasked with making military medicine stronger, better and more relevant for the future. As a designated Combat Support Agency, the DHA is also responsible for meeting the medical needs of the combatant commanders. Central to this role is to ensure our service members are medically ready to perform their mission, and our military medical personnel are ready to perform their mission – “Medically Ready Force…Ready Medical Force.”

July 29-31, 2014. SuprTEK attended the Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS) in Orlando, Florida. We engaged with our customers and potential partners and discussed our numerous IT capabilities and the emerging needs of the Government. At DHITS, SuprTEK’s booth was manned by our Health IT, Cybersecurity, and Leadership teams, who met and spoke with various participants from the Defense Health Agency (DHA), the Military Health System, and the Military Services Health IT community. SuprTEK showcased our clinical system management services, enterprise Information Management/Information Technology services, and SharePoint administration services.

We were happy to engage with other participants and attend the content and continuing education sessions at DHITS. For more information: http://www.med.navy.mil/navydays/Pages/Default.aspx.

June 27, 2014. The new SuprTEK Technology Innovation Center (STIC) was formally introduced on June 12 during an Open House attended by DC area staff and visitors. Kicking off the celebration was the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony by President Brandon Park, CEO T.K. Gil, and Cyber Security VP Les Owens – along with the DISA TIEATS (Technology Innovation Engineering Assessment Team Support) team including Chief Engineer Steve Fox, and Deputy Chief Engineer, Maziar Momeni.

The afternoon continued with Opening Remarks by the SuprTEK leadership team, a background discussion of the STIC’s genesis, and a tour of several features of the STIC including the Collaboration Zone, the Private Think Tank, and the Mad Scientist Lab. The leadership team noted that “… the STIC, recently stood up for applied R&D and rigorous Technology Evaluation of emerging technologies – including digital identities, mobility, cloud, micro-virtualization and cryptography, opens a very exciting chapter for SuprTEK. The STIC is designed to be an open, collaborative environment and we hope it will support close SME interaction and unleash creativity thereby spawning new innovations and solutions for our clients – and, in turn serve as a cornerstone for SuprTEK’s future. It will provide the catalyst for explosive growth in the coming years…” The visitors then enjoyed demonstrations of the integration of state-of-the art Real-time Location Services (RTLS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) – employing the top industry products. The new DISA ‘Tech Innovation’ (TIEATS) team has been working the RTLS-MDM integration as part of the Location-Based Mobility Policy (LBMP) pilots for the DISA client at SuprTEK’s Hanover facility and at Fort Meade. The Open House concluded with delicious refreshments, interactive Q&A sessions, and side-bar chats with STIC SMEs.

June 24-25, 2014. AFCEA Cyber Symposium, Baltimore, MD – Visit us at Booth #537. Join members of our cybersecurity team and innovators from the SuprTEK Technology Innovation Center (STIC), along with the leadership team, for some stimulating conversation about our current cybersecurity efforts. Our team will be available to discuss numerous cyberspace capabilities and potential partnerships. We will be demonstrating our static/dynamic code checking Software Assurance methodologies, mobility (RTLS integrated with MDM) capabilities, micro-virtualization research and our continuous monitoring product, PanOptes.

May 15, 2014. On Thursday, May 15, 2014, SuprTEK was presented the 2013 Nunn-Perry Award recognizing outstanding Mentor-Protégé teams formed under the auspices of the Mentor Protégé Program. The award is named in honor of former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn for his vision and insight in sponsoring legislation to create and fund the DoD Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) and in honor of former Secretary of Defense, Dr. William Perry for his commitment to its implementation.

The Program assists small businesses, Woman-owned Small Businesses (WoSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Businesses (SDVoSB), and Historically underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) small businesses in transitioning from a state of modest attainments to one of very successful contributions to the defense of our Nation.

SuprTEK was recognized for supporting more than 400,000 DoD end-users worldwide, enterprise security systems with four million seats across DoD, business systems such as DFAS, WAWF, and the Navy’s ONR Grant Management System. Also recognized were SuprTEK’s provision of Information Management and Information Technology services to nearly 10,000 medical staff for two of the largest medical treatment facilities (MTFs) to provide patient care. Today 95 percent of SuprTEK’s current work is being performed as a prime contractor and is directly contributing to the success of its customers.

Demonstrating the Company’s innovation and creativity in supporting the DoD warfighter, SuprTEK was recognized for developing a Continuous Monitoring and Risk Scoring (CMRS) system that meets emerging FISMA requirements and phases out antiquated systems certification and accreditation (C&A) processes. The system will eventually be deployed across the entire DoD where it will reduce security vulnerabilities and improve cyber security situational awareness.

Mar. 26, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is pursuing an opportunity to develop, deliver, test, and field various applications in support of AMC’s transfer to an Enterprise Agile software construction methodology in Scott AFB, Illinois. SuprTEK is seeking motivated, success-driven candidates to join the Company to support AMC’s Agile Development needs upon award. Please visit our AMC ADEV webpage for more information regarding potential employment opportunities with SuprTEK.

Feb. 05, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is pursuing an opportunity to provide Command, Control, Communication, and Computer Information Technology (C4/IT) Enterprise Management services to the Fort Sam Houston Network Enterprise Center (NEC) in San Antonio, Texas.

Jan. 10, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is pursuing an opportunity to provide network and security infrastructure support and information assurance (IA) standards and development support services to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Field Security Operations (FSO) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Jan. 02, 2014. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is pleased to announce that it is pursuing an opportunity to provide help desk, network engineering, and management operations support services to the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Nov. 01, 2013. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is pleased to announce that it was awarded the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Code Checking Contract on 28 September 2013. This contract win extends SuprTEK’s Software Assurance capabilities within its growing Cyber Security Solutions practice. SuprTEK is teamed with major industry players – HP Fortify and CAST Software – to deliver to the DISA CTO client.

DISA is a Combat Support Agency that provides engineering support to joint war fighters, national level leaders, and other mission & coalition partners. DISA PEO-MAE's intent with this award is to implement, assess, and evaluate technologies through prototyping different software assurance (code checking) technologies from the commercial marketplace. PEO-MAE intends for the software code checking capabilities, through comprehensive static and dynamic testing (and runtime analysis), to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and defects associated with both mobile and web applications during the development and deployment lifecycles. The objective is to implement a software code checking capability rapidly and effectively that can assess vulnerabilities so they can be appropriately adjudicated to determine if the application or web application is ready for deployment to the Global Information Grid (GIG).

The first phase of the new software assurance program is a 6-month pilot evaluation of code checking capabilities to determine which capabilities will continue with further evaluation. During this phase, the code checking capability will be evaluated for its robustness and ability to comply with assessment criteria and security compliance requirement additions to the DISA Mobile Application Security Requirements Guide (SRG). Subsequent phases of the program include an Operational Assessment and on-going maintenance of the capability. SuprTEK’s rigorous mobile assessment methodology for more completely assessing risks with mobile (sophisticated handheld devices with various wireless interfaces) will be exercised during this process.

Oct. 22, 2013. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (SuprTEK) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services have been selected to receive the 2013 DoD Nunn-Perry Award recognizing superb performance as participants in the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program. Nunn-Perry Awards are presented to honor Mentor-Protégé teams who have excelled in the areas of quality, technical assistance, return on investment, and protégé development. SuprTEK will be presented with this award during a Nunn-Perry Awards Ceremony scheduled at a future date.

Oct. 01, 2013. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is very pleased to announce that it was awarded ENCORE II IDIQ Task Order E200534, along with ENCORE II Prime contractor Data Systems Analysts (DSA) of Fairfax, and SMS Data Products of McLean. The 5-year contract, for Technology Innovation Engineering Assessment Team Support (TIEATS), is for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

DISA is a Combat Support Agency that provides engineering to joint war fighters, national level leaders, and other mission & coalition partners. The DISA Program Executive Office for Information Assurance (PEO-MA) assists in the coordination of the insertion of innovative concepts and technology for joint and coalition forces. The key technology concepts that enable this rapid technology transfer are: 1) Innovation Identification and Prioritization, 2) Product-Line Development Campaigns or Roll-Out, 3) Innovation Staging for Transition, 4) Cross-Agency Technology Synchronization, 5) Innovation Proofs-of-Concept, 6), Innovation Venue Hosting, and 7) Program Control. Technologies are approved by the Office of the CTO by an internal prioritization process. These processes establish which technologies align with DISA’s lines of operations and/or improve existing capabilities.

With this TIEATS Task Order, SuprTEK as part of TeamDSA will provide DISA PEO-MA with the ability to rapidly and effectively evaluate innovative technologies that relate to the DISA Lines of Operations and assess potential benefit with becoming a DISA service to the DoD community. At the SuprTEK Technology Innovation Center (STIC) in Ashburn, SuprTEK’s strong technology team, along with members of TeamDSA, will provide engineering support and standardized technology assessments that will lead to recommendations to the Government. TeamDSA will carefully and critically conduct a review of the vendor material in concert with the DISA to determine possible participation in piloting activities. The assessment will consist of reviewing the vendor material and capabilities to down-select to a core set of vendors based on the viability to address DoD security requirements and capabilities needed by the Government. Also, part of TIEATS, Team DSA will provide proofs-of-concept lab testing, and support to field the technologies. Last, an important part of this effort, Team DSA will perform a Location-Based Mobility Policy (LBMP) pilot at SuprTEK’s Hanover, MD facility. The LBMP pilot is an effort to assess the viability of various real-time location system (RTLS) technologies that detect and automatically provision current and emerging mobile devices through a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) as part of the DoD Mobile Device Management (MDM) program.

June 24, 2013. SuprTEK is pleased to announce an expansion to their Office of Naval Research Legacy Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Support contract for supporting ONR's Business Intelligence environment. This expanded work will integrate data from NAVY ERP into the ONR Business Intelligence solution providing enhanced visibility to and performance tracking of Grants Processing by ONR, in addition to the 12 dashboards and 500+ reports supported today. The effort is led by Ms. Karen Roszel, Director of Business Intelligence.

Apr. 08, 2013. SuprTEK was recognized through the U.S. Naval Hospital Jacksonville Information Management Department’s receipt of the 2012 CAPT Joan Dooling Award which selects the Information Professional Team of the year. The Captain Joan Dooling Award for Information Professional Excellence was established to recognize and encourage notable contributions in accomplishing Navy Medicine's mission by spotlighting the outstanding contributions of individuals or teams of individuals in the IM/IT medical, operational, and research communities. Captain Dooling exemplified those characteristics with her groundbreaking efforts in the field of Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) supporting Navy Medicine's mission. Naval Hospital Jacksonville, in winning the Captain Joan Dooling Award for IM/IT Professional Team of the Year, is a prime example of Government Contractors, Government Service Personnel and Active Duty members coming together as ONE TEAM with the common goal of providing innovating IT solutions and services, working together to provide the highest quality Healthcare to our Nations Hero's and their families.

Apr. 04, 2013. As a result of recent and extensive growth, Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) will be expanding its operations into the Central Maryland area with the opening of its new office location in Hanover near Ft. Meade. This modern facility will further assist SuprTEK in providing top quality services for existing and new customers including the US Navy, DISA and other major DoD/intelligence community clients.

Apr. 03, 2013. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (dba SuprTEK) is very pleased to announce that it was one of only three vendors awarded the Engineering Support Services Blanket Purchase Agreement (ESS BPA) contract from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) PEO-MA. The highly competitive award has a performance period of 3 years. Through this BPA, DISA PEO-MA will acquire broad security engineering services to support its four divisions’ mission to defend GIG and improve Cyber C2, and Safe Sharing.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is a focal point within the Department of Defense (DoD) for Information Assurance (IA). Within DISA, the PEO-MA is the Program Executive Office for Mission Assurance and NetOps. For nearly 3 years, SuprTEK on its DISA MANO program has been supporting DISA PEO-MA IA5 in its mission is to provide technical and programmatic leadership for Computer Network Defense (CND) enclave-level host and network security solutions; and enhance the security of the DoD Global Information Grid (GIG) enclaves through the acquisition, engineering, architecture, development, federated testing, fielding, and transition to sustainment of both host and network security products and solutions.

With this new ESS BPA procurement, SuprTEK and its superior cyber/IA team will be supporting all five divisions within the PEO-MA: IA1, IA2, IA3, IA4, and IA5. These divisions require broad and robust engineering support services to support their IA / cyber missions. SuprTEK will provide a full range of engineering support services including: support for Situational Awareness of the Global Information Grid (GIG)–support for NetOps decision support–development of integrated and interoperable net-centric IA architectural solutions in support of the DoD Global Information Grid–ensure the security of the GIG through the engineering, architecture, development, testing, acquisition, and fielding of network security products and solutions–plan and manage life-cycle activities of Computer Network Defense (CND) capabilities–provide secure and reliable identity and access management services for DoD applications and systems (services include identification, authentication, authorization, encryption, digital signature, integrity, and biometrics)

Dec. 18, 2012. SuprTEK’s Naval Hospital Jacksonville Team has been nominated as the Captain Joan Dooling Information Technology Team of the Year! The Dooling Award for Information Professional Excellence was established to spotlight outstanding achievements of individuals or Teams in the Healthcare Information Management and Information Technology(IM/IT) field. The winner of this prestigious award will be announced at the Tri-Service Medical Information Management Symposium (TMIMS) conference in New Orleans, LA during March 2013.

Dec. 01, 2012. Today SuprTEK opened its newest office in San Antonio, TX supporting contracts in the South and Southwest United States. This office is headed by Mr. John Horton, Vice President of Healthcare IT Solutions.

Sept. 20, 2012. SuprTEK today won a three-year contract with the US Army Southern Regional Medical Command (SRMC) to perform Microsoft SharePoint design, implementation, and support to SRMC’s system that ensures healthcare to more than 523,000 soldiers, family members and retirees on a day-to-day basis. SRMC is a 10-state system of healthcare comprised of three tertiary care, academic medical centers; six community hospitals; two community health centers; and 38 outlying health clinics with a team of 20,000 military and civilian personnel.

Sept. 01, 2012. The Software Engineering Institute has confirmed SuprTEK’s successful CMMI Level II assessment for their Solution Engineering & Delivery Services, Software Development SCAMPI appraisal submitted on 08/03/2012.

Aug. 16, 2012. SuprTEK today announced the recent appointment of John Horton as Vice President of Healthcare IT Solutions. Mr. Horton comes to SuprTEK from a recent Executive Vice President position at General Infomatics, Inc., and will be responsible for the strategic leadership and oversight of SuprTEK's IT Healthcare operations. He has more than twenty-five years of senior leadership experience in program management, business development, and corporate operations.

July 16, 2012. SuprTEK as a JV member of the AMAR Health IT Team was recently awarded the Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) Small Business Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) - a ten (10) year Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award. This contract is intended to provide information technology (IT) solutions and services which include health and biomedical-related IT services to meet scientific, health, administrative, operational, managerial, and information management requirements.

May 16, 2012. In partnership with the Mentor-Protégé Program, SuprTEK is proud to participate in an event that gives back to our local community. On May 23, we will volunteer at the Southgate Community Center to assist our Mentor - Hewlett Packard (HP) - with refurbishing a children’s library. Opened in June 2006 in the Hunter Mill district of Reston, VA, Southgate Community Center offers multicultural programs for families, adults, children, teens, seniors and individuals with disabilities. To help make this a successful community event, HP and SuprTEK are donating books and providing support services to refurbish the library.

Apr. 18, 2012. Superlative Technologies Inc. (SuprTEK), today joined Virginia Tech as a corporate affiliate of their flagship program in the Security and Software Engineering Research Center (SERC). Focusing on research projects related to cybersecurity, SERC is a multi-university Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This partnership is another cooperative effort whereby the university environment can be used to perform research to improve the security and software engineering capabilities of SuprTEK and other affiliates.

The mission of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center is to conduct applied and basic research on software security, system security and software technology problems of interest to its members. As an affiliate, SuprTEK may gain access to innovative research, and be able to appoint their research dollars to a particular project that addresses the technical needs of their clients. Additionally, Virginia Tech researchers will gain access to real-world data and access to experienced SuprTEK practitioners who can validate their models and guide their research.

"SuprTEK is excited about the opportunity to partner with Virginia Tech and exploit the collaborative, innovative research to enhance our cyber security capabilities for our Federal and commercial clients. SuprTEK will leverage the relationship for additional expertise, and unique perspectives to enable the development of innovative technology solutions," said T.K. Gil, CEO of SuprTEK. Les Owens, SuprTEK CTO, further commented, "SuprTEK is looking forward to having another direct relationship with a leading university, and to students working in cybersecurity. We'll have the ability to recruit top talent directly for internships and full-time employment. We plan to be a very active participant in this important partnership and are looking forward to the Virginia Tech-sponsored SERC event in May."

For more about Virginia Tech's cybersecurity program, visit http://www.cyber.vt.edu, and for more about SERC visit http://www.serc.net/about

February 17, 2012. SuprTEK and its teammate HP won a 5-year contract from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Team SuprTEK will provide the command, control communications, and computer (C4) systems support under one enterprise program and enables ONR to further develop its emerging business processes supported by state of the art information technologies. To explore career and employment opportunities at ONR and to find additional information pertaining to our Job Fair in Arlington, VA on February 28, 2012 and our Open House in Ashburn, VA on March 1, 2012 please follow this link

January 26, 2012. The University of Maryland (UMD) and Superlative Technologies Inc. (SuprTEK), today announced a new partnership to establish collaborative activities in cybersecurity. The partnership will promote cybersecurity education, research and technology development through the Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2). UMD and SuprTEK will leverage each other's resources, expertise, and unique perspectives to develop innovative cybersecurity expertise, educational opportunities and technology solutions.

"We are very excited to establish this relationship with SuprTEK," said Dr. Michael Hicks, Director of MC2 and Associate Professor of Computer Science. "SuprTEK has a track record of significant growth in the past few years, and they have an impressive suite of offerings, services, and talent that the nation benefits from." We look forward to working together to develop solutions to our nation's cybersecurity challenges," added Dr. Hicks.

MC2 is forging alliances and partnerships between academia, industry and government to deliver advanced educational programs that will prepare the cybersecurity workforce of today and tomorrow. UMD researchers are applying their expertise in a number of critical cybersecurity fields, including, secure software, supply chain risk management, wireless and network security, attacker behavioral analysis, and the economics of cybersecurity. MC2 stresses comprehensive solutions to cybersecurity education, research, and technology development by bringing together experts from computer science, engineering, social sciences, economics and public policy to establish interdisciplinary cybersecurity initiatives.

Since 1996, SuprTEK-a small, disadvantaged business-has provided exceptional and innovative services in technology strategy and architecture development, cyber security, enterprise IT solutions engineering and delivery, managed IT service management, and healthcare IT solutions. SuprTEK supports over a dozen enterprise cyber security solutions for Department of Defense (DoD) customers, some implemented across over 4 million systems and devices, and engages in new and emerging security solutions development to radically improve the overall DoD security posture. Since 2009, SuprTEK has grown over 50% annually.

"SuprTEK is excited about an opportunity to partner with MC2 and exploit natural synergy in formulating and demonstrating new cyber security capabilities, especially to our DoD customers such as DISA, US Cyber Command, and NSA", said T.K. Gil, CEO of SuprTEK. "We are thrilled about the cybersecurity education and R&D potential with MC2," commented CTO Les Owens. "SuprTEK understands the critical need for increased defensive capabilities and a stronger cyber workforce. Therefore, we plan to be a very active participant in this important new initiative," added Owens who also spearheads the Cyber Security line of business for SuprTEK.

You may view this UMD press release at: UMD and SuprTEK Announce New Cybersecurity Partnership

January 20, 2012. SuprTEK today announced the recent appointments of James "Jim" Van Dyke as Vice President of National Capital Region and Eastern Operations, and of Leslie "Les" Owens as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Cyber Security. Mr. Van Dyke comes to SuprTEK from a recent Senior Vice President position (Encore II Program Management Office) at CACI, and will be responsible for the strategic leadership and oversight of SuprTEK's Eastern operations. He has more than thirty years of senior management experience with major IDIQ contract acquisition and execution responsibilities in addition to managing DoD and Federal government information technology projects.

Mr. Owens, another industry veteran, has more than 25 years operational, technology and leadership experience in the Commercial and Defense sectors, and served many years as a leader of Information Assurance / Cyber at Booz Allen Hamilton. As Vice President of Cyber Security, he will lead service delivery and strategic/business development for SuprTEKss Information Assurance / Cyber Security line of business. As CTO, he will guide SuprTEK's technology vision and provide corporate leadership in the strategic areas of technology and engineering.

November 01, 2011. SuprTEK as part of Concert Technologies Team won the Connections II contract by the General Services Administration (GSA) with a value of up to $5 billion over nine (9) years and three (3) months. Under the Connections II (CNX II) contract, Concert Technologies will supply telecommunications, network and communications solutions to meet U.S. government agencies' equipment, building and campus infrastructure needs.

The Connections II (CNX II) Program is a multiple award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract with a three year and three month base period with six one-year options. Connections II complements and enhances GSA's Networx and regional telecommunications contracts. Connections II can be used by all federal agencies, authorized federal contractors, agency-sponsored universities and laboratories, and authorized state, local and tribal governments.

October 05, 2011. SuprTEK initiated its effort to achieve a CMMI Level 2 certification. In addition to achieving ISO 9001:2008, this is a continuing effort to improve our performance and delight our customers with exceptional solutions. The estimated completion time is July 2012. SuprTEK will continue on our journey to achieve Level 3 afterward. SuprTEK currently supports more than 300,000 end-users who rely on our systems and services.

October 01, 2011. SuprTEK and its teammate iSYS won a multi-year contract from the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). Team SuprTEK will provide skilled analytical, technical, asset/inventory management support, and a web based telecommunications management system for the administration and management of OSD, PFPA, WHS, and WHS Supported Organizations Telecommunications wireless and wireline resources.

October 01, 2011. Team SuprTEK including CSC, LMI, NG, and Paragon Technology won a multi year contract to provide support services to Information Tool Suite (ITS) for USTRANSCOM at Scott AFB, IL. ITS consists of databases with web front-ends; an XML-based registry tool (Systinet); a business and enterprise service oriented architecture tools; an enterprise business intelligence and report tool.

September 30, 2011. After a long period of protests, ITS-SB has officially started its performance period and the 1st Task Order was issued on September 13. SuprTEK has been awarded with two task orders by Sept 30, 2011. Exceptional achievement.

September 01, 2011. DISA PEO-MA Mission Assurance and NetOps Services: SuprTEK received a contract modification to provide broader services in security solution development and knowledge management/SharePoint support areas. SuprTEK successfully expanded its scope of work nearly 50% since the initial contract award.

August 09, 2011. SuprTEK, as part of Team NCI, won a multi-year Total Engineering and Integration Services (TEIS) III contract with a ceiling value of $892 million to provide information systems engineering and IT support to the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command (USAISEC), and its customers worldwide.

July 29, 2011. Doyen Technologies, a joint-venture partnership formed between Superlative Technologies and Doyen Consulting, was awarded an 8(a) STARS II Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is a 10-year multiple award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract designed to provide cutting-edge Information Technology solutions from award-winning 8(a) small businesses to federal agencies.

July 21, 2011. SuprTEK and its teammate HP won a 5-year contract from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Team SuprTEK will provide the command, control communications, and computer (C4) systems support under in one enterprise program and enables ONR to further develop its emerging business processes supported by state of the art information technologies. The ONR contract awarded to SuprTEK is currently under protest.

July 05, 2011. SuprTEK, Inc has been awarded the FAA's Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) titled "Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks" (eFAST) which is the FAA's preferred small business contracting vehicle. This agreement allows the FAA to procure professional and support services in the Computer Systems Support (CSS) and Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD) functional areas through September 30, 2016.

December 30, 2010. SuprTEK won a 5-year contract to provide Naval Hospital Jacksonville (NHJAX) with the Enterprise IT Services Support across the main hospital along with 6 other locations including Athens, Albany, Kings Bay GA, and Mayport, Jacksonville, Key West FL. This will increase our Medical Solutions Vertical with more than 80 employees. NHJAX provides the Navy's largest Family Medicine Residency Training Program and is recognized as a center of excellence for ambulatory care, critical care, and women's health.

December 22, 2010. SuprTEK is awarded with the Army Enterprise Wide $400M ITS-SB IDIQ contract. Team SuprTEK collectively brings over $1B and over $100M annual Army prime contract experiences from LBs and SBs, respectively. We are poised to be one of the leaders among the awardees. We welcome inquiries from potential new partners and employees to join our team.

November 29, 2010. SuprTEK as part of Booz Allen Team won the multi-year the Air Force NETCENTS-2 Enterprise Integration and Service Management (EISM) IDIQ to provide Advisory and Assistant Services (A&AS) to the Air Force over the next 5 years with a ceiling of $460M. SuprTEK will continue to expand its SOA-based integration capabilities through this enterprise contract vehicle.

November 22, 2010. SuprTEK received a modification for its DOJ Civil Rights Division IT Support Service Contract to significantly increase its staff to support the additional scope in the IT systems and administration areas. SuprTEK has been supporting the CRT customers over a decade.

September 16, 2010. SuprTEK is awarded with a multi-year contract to provide the SAMMC-S Telecom Support Services at Lackland AFB. This win will increase our presence at Lackland AFB with nearly 50 staff.

July 15, 2010. SuprTEK is awarded with a multi-year modification to our existing ETA contract to add the life cycle management support services for the Carrier Appointment System (CAS). SuprTEK has successfully rolled out a brand new system, CAS, to support SDDC's logistics operations in July after a nearly yearlong development effort.

July 15, 2010. SuprTEK was awarded the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract. The SeaPort-e program has a potential value of $43 billion over fifteen years. SuprTEK will participate in all Geographic Zones.

June 14, 2010. SuprTEK won a 5-year contract to provide DISA with Mission Assurance and Network Operations Support Services. This is an enterprise level, mission critical support contract to meet DISA PEO MA's requirements for the portfolio of programs throughout the information security solution lifecycle from determining the mission needs and capability gap analysis, requirements development, solutioning, testing, to implementation, operations and sustainment, and eventual decommissioning of each security solution.

April 01, 2010. SuprTEK opened its newest office today outside of Scott Air Force Base in support of contracts in the West and Midwest United States.

December 10, 2009. SuprTEK won the 5-year contract to provide DISA the SMC Ogden Operational, Technical, and Security Support Services. This is a comprehensive and broad-base IT services contract to support many of DOD enterprise systems including the mainframe, middleware, and e-business systems at the Ogden DECC. With this contract, SuprTEK is supporting DISA under four separate contracts.

November 23, 2009. SuprTEK is awarded with the end user computer support (EUCS) contract at EPA supporting the Office of Water and its Immediate Offices. SuprTEK has been supporting EPA since 2002 in various infrastructure O&M tasks.

October 1, 2009. SuprTEK received a key subcontractor award under the BAE team to support the DISA CTO's Thin Client Architecture Program to support the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's directed initiative. SuprTEK's deep enterprise directory management and single sign-on capabilities will aid this initiative to become successful.

September 30, 2009. SuprTEK won the multi-year Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) Support for the Wilford Hall Medical Center (WHMC) in San Antonio. WHMC is the Air Force's largest medial facility. SuprTEK will provide enterprise level services ranging from medical applications, web developement, IA, network management, and customer support services. SuprTEK as part of SAIC Team won the multi-year high profile Information Assurance Technical Services (IATS) supporting the Intelligence Agency. SuprTEK will continue to support the existing customer base and expand. This contract will complement the current prime contract SuprTEK holds at the Intelligence Agency. SuprTEK won the multi-year Information Technology (IT) Support Services to provide maintenance, sustainment and upgrade support for the Remedy Help Desk Solution at the DLA Defense Distribution Center (DDC).

May 12, 2009. SuprTEK as part of Booz Allen Team won the 5-year $16.4B Army CECOM's R23G contract that provides continuing requirement for rapid response services to support critical systems requirements for the Command and Control (C2) Systems Integration Directorate (C2SID).

April 27, 2009. SuprTEK as part of CSC/SAIC/L3 won the 5-year DISA contract to provide Field Security Operations (FSO) Combatant Command Information Assurance (IA) Operations Support, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Program Support and Mission Assurance Support Capability (MASC).

December 2008. SuprTEK won a 5-year contract to provide the Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) System Support, Development, & Maintenance services for the USTRANSCOM Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). ETA is the SDDC's Single Sign-On (SSO) web portal that is integrated with 60+ SDDC systems with over 60,000 users.

November 2008. SuprTEK as part of Team CACI won the GENESIS III Contract supporting the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). GENESIS III will provide comprehensive engineering and logistics support for ground and air-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems at worldwide locations. SuprTEK, as the largest small business partner, will provide support in supply chain, systems administration, and network engineering areas. SuprTEK continues to expand its operations at Fort Belvoir. SuprTEK as part of Team EDS/SAIC won the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Contract for Assessment and Certification Support. Through this contract, SuprTEK plans to provide an expanded team to perform technical support for DISA and DoD mission partners including the Combatant Command, Services, DoD Agencies, DISA, and other Federal Government organizations. Contract technical support will obtain and maintain accreditation approval, and continuously enhance overall GIG security. SuprTEK will continue to expand its Information Security and Assurance Services Business. SuprTEK as part of Team IBM won the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Business Transformation Umbrella Contract valued at $0.5B. SuprTEK will be a leading small business contractor in the area of information assurance services. SuprTEK continues to expand its Information Security and Assurance Services Business.

September 2008. SuprTEK as part of Team Booz Allen Hamilton won the Information Assurance Systems Security Engineering Technical Assistance (IASETAC) Contract. IASETAC is an IDIQ contract that will support the broad range of information assurance and other key technical support areas. SuprTEK continues to be successful in adding contracts for the Intelligence Agencies in addition to several other contracts we currently support for the Intelligence Agencies.

August 2008. SuprTEK is hosting Open Houses at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton OH on Aug 19th and at Langley Air Force Base (LAFB), Hampton, VA on Aug 21st for the Air Force Enterprise Network Service Acquisition (ENSA) contract.

July 2008. SuprTEK positioned as a prime contractor for the upcoming Air Force Enterprise Network Service Acquisition (ENSA) contract and successfully secured the large business incumbents NCI Information Systems and L3 Communications along with other teaming partners including MacAulay Brown, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, Creek Technology and Atta2d.

June 2008. SuprTEK is one of the twenty-five companies down-selected as a viable vendor for the Army's $400M IDIQ ITS-SB contract. Five awardees will be made for the contract.

May 2008. SuprTEK was part of the EDS and CACI's winning team for the $1.2B ENCORE II IDIQ contract for DISA.

April 2008. SuprTEK officially started its operation at the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) in Norfolk and Suffolk, VA. SuprTEK is the largest small business partner of the $187M IT Support Service Contract that was won by Lockheed Martin. SuprTEK anticipates its work share will exceed $20M for the life of this contract.

February 2008. SuprTEK was part of the EDS winning team for the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support Full Spectrum Support (DMLSS) for DLA.

January 2008. SuprTEK won a prime contract at an intelligence agency in support of information assurance tasks.

October 2007 SuprTEK won a prime contract at Civil Rights Division (CRT), Department of Justice to provide IT support services for the GIS system, Unix administration, Oracle database administration, and on-site desktop engineering support.

September 2007. SuprTEK won a prime contract at SDDC to support the enhancement and maintenance of the ETA (Electronic Transportation Acquisition) single sign on (SSO) solution to link 80+ SDDC systems supporting 60,000 users.

August 2007. SuprTEK successfully passes their three-year ISO 9001:2000 recertification audit, recognizing continued compliance with established quality assurance standards.

August 2007 SuprTEK is honored in the August 1st edition (Vol. 153, No. 125) of the Congressional Record as being an outstanding small business that provides effective information technology solutions and engineering services.

June 2007. SuprTEK was part of Exceptional Software's winning team for the $800M NSETS II IDIQ contract. NSETS II is a broad IT scope IDIQ contract for small businesses. SuprTEK was part of the CACI's winning team for the $710M SASI IDIQ contract for the Department of State. SASI is a dedicated IDIQ vehicle to support information assurance and security tasks. SuprTEK was part of the GDIT's winning team for the $50B Alliant IDIQ contract for GSA.

May 2007. SuprTEK was part of the CACI's winning team for the $950M MEGA 3 for the Department of Justice.

April 2007. SuprTEK opens new office facility in Beavercreek, OH serving customers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

March 2007. SuprTEK was awarded a prime contract to support SDDC at Scott Air Force in the area of information assurance. SuprTEK was part of the AT&T Government Solutions' winning team for the $21.6B Networx Universal for GSA. SuprTEK was awarded the bridge contract to provide the IT support services for Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).

December 2006. SuprTEK was part of EDS' winning team for the $20B ITES-2S IDIQ contract for Army.

September 2006. SuprTEK was part of EDS' winning team for the $45B EAGLE IDIQ contract for the Department of Homeland Security.

July 2006. SuprTEK's new headquarters facility in Ashburn, VA is completed. Staff relocate on July 15th and commence operations at the new site on July 17th.

March 2006. SuprTEK CEO is featured speaker at Congressman Jim Moran's Federal Procurement Conference conducted at George Mason University in Arlington, VA on March 14th. SuprTEK wins contract for information assurance support services at Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).

February 2006. U.S. Senator Olympia Snow conducted an official visit of SuprTEK's East Machias, ME Human Resources Benefits Call Center on February 21st. SuprTEK completed a semi-annual continuing assessment visit that confirmed continued ISO 9001:2000 certification.

November 2005. SuprTEK wins contract for information security audit services for DOJ's Office of Justice program.

October 2005. SuprTEK wins contract for information assurance support services for the Surface Deployment Distribution Command

September 2005. SuprTEK wins contract for desktop support services for the National Park Service.

August 2005. The newly-opened SuprTEK Northeast Division facility in East Machias, ME was dedicated in a ceremony conducted on August 29th. Attending dignitaries included U.S. Senator Susan Collins, U.S. Congressman Mike Michaud, and Maine Congressman Ian Emery. SuprTEK completed a semi-annual continuing assessment visit that confirmed continued ISO 9001:2000 certification.

April 2005. The Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) presented Superlative Technologies, Inc. (SuprTEK) with their Small Disadvantaged Business Outstanding Achievement Award for 2005.   SuprTEK was recognized for their singularly outstanding contract performance, delivering innovative information assurance and logistics management services for SDDC both at their headquarters and overseas locations.

December 2004. SuprTEK opens additional Engineering Office in McLean, Virginia to accommodate expanded activities.

August 2004. Superlative Technologies, Inc. (SuprTek) is pleased to announce registration as an ISO 9001:2000 company effective August 20, 2004.  A copy of our certificate of registration is available online.